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In addition to commercial productions, EcoSet manages events and large-scale purges and provides consultation for sustainable production program development.

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Our Approach

Our approach to Zero Waste is four-fold and can be translated to any project in any location.

1) Waste prevention: Techniques to avoid disposability in all departments
2) Waste management and diversion with metrics tracking: Recycling, food waste collection, food donation
3) Strategizing reuse:

  • planning for disassembly and donation of constructed elements vs. disposal
  • collecting salvageable creative materials, decor, and expendables for reuse

4) Prioritizing donation: Merchandise and other items with a Fair Market Value given to local non-profits



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PDF.IconView or download:  Working With EcoSet     Before you submit an estimate request, read more about how we integrate into the production process.

Zero Waste Implementation and Direct Supervision

  • Trained materials recovery specialists oversee the Zero Waste initiatives
  • Reusable water bottles and refilling dispensers prevent plastic waste
  • Set construction and creative elements are donated to the local community
  • Office and set waste is recycled
  • Food discards are donated* or collected for organics recycling
  • Gels, lighting expendables, and reusable discards are repurposed
  • Reusable & plant-based dishware and cutlery are used

*Donated food is handled under the guidelines of the Federal Good Samaritan Act and is tracked as part of the EPA Food Recovery Challenge 



EcoSet participates in the EPA Food Recovery Challenge to keep unserved catering food out of the waste stream and meet the needs of the hungry. In 7 years, EcoSet has donated more than 20,000 lbs of food from productions and events.


Zero Waste Standards

Zero-Waste-logo-150x150EcoSet strives for Zero Waste:  90% or higher diversion from landfill or incineration.




Waste Prevention:

  • Crew uses reusable water bottles and water refilling stations to avoid plastic bottles
  • Caterers use reusable cutlery and plates for lunches
  • Caterers and Craft Service avoid all polystyrene and plastic products
  • Caterers and Craft Service choose items that avoid excess packaging and waste
  • Caterers and Craft Service use only paper or plant-based disposable products

Waste Diversion:

  • All food waste, soiled paper, and plant-based disposable food service products are collected for organics recycling
  • Beverage containers are recycled
  • Cardboard and paper are recycled
  • Misc. plastics, glass, metals, and wood are recycled
  • Pallet shrink wrap and plastic bags are recycled

Donations & Reuse:

  • Remaining Props, Set Dressing, Wardrobe are donated
  • Discarded lighting expendables, packaging materials, and reusable items are donated
  • Scenic and rigging elements are donated (can incur higher costs)
  • Unserved catering food is donated when possible under the protection of the Federal Good Samaritan Act
  • Unopened prop food and food styling ingredients are donated


Having EcoSet on my latest project for a Target spot in Nashville was a great help throughout and especially at the end of the job. After a long and draining week of preparation and shooting, it was relieving to have EcoSet there to take away a huge burden of finding good homes for a mass amount of remaining material and non-returnable items. It made our lives in the art department so much easier at the end. They took great responsibility in helping us sort and disperse items and were very understanding on working with us deciding what went where. Thanks again!
Jamey DiDomenico - Production Designer/Art Director