Sustainable Vendors in Los Angeles

This list was created solely from research by EcoSet staff (as of May 2015). It includes vendors in the Los Angeles area who provide eco-friendly services to the commercial production industry. (In New York? Check out our NYC Vendors Page!)


Vendors Listed by Service (A – Z)     get.listed.button

Compostables  /  Expendables  /  Generators  /  Golf Carts  /  Lighting  /  Location Protection  /  Restrooms  /  Reusable Materials  /  Vehicles  /  Walkies  /  Water Bottles  /  Water Supplies  /  WiFi

Catering & Craft Service

Ask us for our current recommendations for Caterers and Craft Service that prioritize sustainable practices and adhere to Zero Waste standards

Compostable Food Service Products

World Centric and Trade Supplies products available by request from EcoSet. – Call 323.669.0232

Repurpose Compostables  1.800.615.6476


The Expendables Recycler  818.901.9796

Generators (Biodiesel & Solar)

Ample Power 877.224.9030
• B20 Biodiesel used standard in all of their generators

Go Green Mobile Power 855.464.4467
• Mobile solar/wind/biodiesel generators

MSA Image 323.788.7227
• B20 Biodiesel used standard in all of their generators

Saunders Electric 888.870.5935
Biodiesel or hydrogen fuel cell generators 

Super Power, LLC 818.257.0236
• B20 Biodiesel used standard in all of their generators

Golf Carts (Electric)

Apache Rental Group 818.842.9875

SirReel 888.477.7335


Brite Shot 212.219.0002
• Fully programmable LED lighting systems

Go Green Mobile Power 855.464.4467
• LED light tower generators

Hive Lighting 310.773.4362
• Energy efficient Plasma lights

Kino Flo Lighting Systems 212.219.0002
• LED lighting

Maccam 818.780.5600
• LED lighting distributor/rental house

Mole-Richardson 323.851.0111
• LED lighting

Nila Lights
California-made LED Lighting – available through various rental houses in LA

Premier Lighting 818.762.0884
• LED Lighting

Location Protection (Reusable Mats and/or Used Layout Board)

Castex Rentals 323.462.1468

Lay’d Out 310.963.2203
• Install service available

Line 204 323.960.0113

Loco Mats 818.376.8386
• Install service available
• also offer Ultra Deck (protects grass)

Mat Men 323.632.4368
• Install service available

Set Stuff 323.993.9500

SirReel 888.477.7335

Siren Studios 323.960.9045

Skye Rentals 323.462.5934

Restrooms (Solar)

King Kong 323.462.6646
• EKOLAV Tow-Let

Line 204 323.960.0113
• 2-Room “Little John”, Executive “Log Cabin” [only solar when not using the air conditioner]

SirReel 888.477.7335
• “DLUX” Solar Restroom Trailer

Reusable Materials / Sets

LA Stage Alliance Warehouse Co-Op 213.614.0556 x725
• Props, Costumes, Furniture, Flats, Platforms, Rehearsal Space (available for rent)

Recycled Movie Sets 323.497.9557
• Sets, Walls, Flats, Wood, Flooring (available for purchase or rent)

Rent A Set 818.834.2500
• Sets, Walls, Flats, Windows, Doors (available for rent)

EcoSet Consulting’s Materials Oasis 323.669.0697
• Walls, Flats, Wood, Flooring, Custom Props, Packaging Materials, Lighting Expendables (free resources, subject to availability)

Used Construction Materials, Furniture, Appliances

Habitat for Humanity ReStore

The Reuse People


Quixote 323.857.5050
• “Star Verde” Biodiesel Talent Motorhome
• “3 Room Verde” Biodiesel Combination Motorhome
• “2 Room Verde” Biodiesel Combination Motorhome
• “Make-Up Verde” Biodiesel Vanity Motorhome

King Kong 323.462.6646
• “EKO” Biodiesel Motorhome
• “HELIOS 1.0” Solar Hybrid Production Motorhome
• “HELIOS 2.0” Solar Hybrid Production Motorhome 

SirReel 888.477.7335
• “SPOC” Solar Production Motorhome
• “SWAG1” Solar Glam & Wardrobe Motorhome
• “SOLO” Solar EcoLuxury Client or Talent Motorhome 

• Solar Production and Camera Cube Trucks 

Skye Rentals 323.462.5934
• Hino Hybrid (electric/diesel) Production Cube Trucks

Hollywood Trucks EcoLuxe Fleet 888.987.8252
• Talent Trailers
• Hair and Makeup Trailers
• Restroom Trailers
• Wardrobe Trailers

Walkies (Solar)

Apache Rental Group 818.842.9875

SirReel 888.477.7335

Water Bottles – Reusable

EcoSet – call us at 323.669.0232
• 17oz Stainless Steel Bottle (available with or without carabiner)

Water Supplies (Dispensers/5-Gallon Jugs, etc.)

Apache Rental Group 818.842.9875
• Water Dispensers (dolly)
• Water Dispensers (table top)

Castex 323.462.1468
• Water Dispensers (no dolly) [come with 1 5-gal jug]
• 55-gallon water drum with or without sub pump 

Line 204 323.960.0113
• Water Dispensers (dolly)

Quixote 323.461.1408
• Water Dispensers (dolly)
Canned Water 4 Kids (refillable aluminum bottles)

Set Stuff 323.993.9500
• Water Dispensers (dolly)
• Water Dispenser cart (holds up to 10 jugs)

Siren Studios 323.960.9045
• Water Dispensers (dolly)

SirReel 888.477.7335
• Water Dispensers (dolly)

Skye Rentals 323.462.5934
• Water Dispensers (dolly)

WiFi / Charging Station (Solar)

Solar On Set 323.273.4101
• Solar Wi-Fi hot spot / charging station for phones and other small devices
• Stand-alone solar station for low power items (LED lighting or small appliances)

EcoSet also suggests searching for vendors on the PGA Green Production Guide.