Reuse and Repurposing

 Receive Free Reusable Materials at EcoSet's Materials Oasis (Los Angeles)



Construction and scenic materials, discards, scraps, and creative cast-offs from productions and events are a valuable resource for local non-profits, schools, filmmakers, theaters, artists, makers, and reuse enthusiasts. EcoSet's Materials Oasis in Los Angeles is a source of abundance for many who come for free materials and inspiration for their projects.

See photos of donations and materials that have been recirculated into the local community and re-imagined into new uses.

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How Does the Materials Oasis Work?



Download the EcoSet Materials Oasis Intro prior to your appointment.

Please read our Intro Sheet to familiarize yourself with the process of selecting and picking up free materials.

Due to our workflow as a small business with varying project schedules, we are unable to accommodate drop-in appointments.


Children under 14 are not permitted in the Materials Oasis.


Looking for Something Specific?

Email if you are looking for a specific item. We can let you know if we have it or something similar before you schedule an appointment.


Materials We Collect on Set


Used Lighting Expendables for Student and Independent Filmmakers