EcoSet ReDirect




Do better than a dumpster!

EcoSet ReDirect is a one-stop drop-off option for productions and events in Los Angeles. Pay EcoSet to convert your waste into a free resource for the local creative community. Learn more about our service!



EcoSet ReDirect is a fee-based service that is an alternative to dumpsters and landfills. With advance planning and budgeting for responsible disposals, your production can achieve a better behind-the-scenes. 

Since we donate all materials for free to the local community, we need to cover operation expenses and cannot accept materials for no cost.


Before requesting an estimate, please review the list of accepted materials.



With a plan in place, it's not waste! 

All items are donated to artists, filmmakers, students, theaters and others at no cost to the recipient through EcoSet's Materials Oasis.


Phone:  (323) 669-0697