Green Filmmaking Resources

We're thrilled that you're committed to implementing sustainable practices for your production! At this time, we're not available for on-set services for independent and student productions. However, the following are resources and recommended sustainable practices that can be implemented on your set.

Reusable Water Bottles for a Plastic-Free Set

Subject to availability in our Los Angeles office, EcoSet donates 17 oz. stainless steel water bottles previously used on our clients' sets. Email our Reuse Department to inquire about current stock.

Receive Free Reusable Materials in Los Angeles


At EcoSet's Materials Oasis, Construction and scenic materials, discards, scraps and creative cast-off's from commercial shoots are a valuable resource to local non-profits, artists, filmmakers, theaters, builders and reuse enthusiasts. EcoSet's Materials Oasis in Los Angeles is a source of abundance for many who come for free materials and inspiration for their projects.

See photos of donations and materials that have been recirculated into the local community and re-imagined into new uses. Please like us on Facebook!

EcoSet Materials Oasis Photo Album    EcoSet Materials Oasis Flyer

On an appointment-only basis, we allow artists to peruse the shelves of our Materials Oasis to select free materials including: wood, MDF, set walls, lighting expendables, foam core, visqueen, duvetyne, fabrics, construction builds, styrofoam, and much more!

Sustainable Vendors

EcoSet has compiled lists of vendors offering environmentally-responsible options in Los Angeles and New York City.

Los Angeles Vendor List  •  New York City Vendor List

For other markets, you can search the PGA Green Production Guide.

Green Production References

The following are resources that will help guide you in sustainable practices for many aspects of pre-production, principal photography, and post-production. (Click on the image to view or download the corresponding guide.)                     




PGA Unified Best Practices Guide