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Zero Waste Events (recycling, composting, reuse, & donations)

Donation Services (activation spaces, custom props, decor, products)

Storage Clear-Outs and Customized Donations

In addition to donating constructed activation spaces, creative elements, and remaining products, EcoSet provides Zero Waste event services. When engaged in the planning phase of an event, we can help prevent waste and source sustainable products that will minimize the overall environmental impact of the event. On-site during an event, our eco crew directly supervises the materials recovery process, recycling and composting as much as possible, typically diverting 85-95% of an event's waste from reaching the local landfill.

Zero Waste Standards

Our approach to Zero Waste is four-fold and can be translated to any project in any location.

1) Waste prevention:  Techniques to avoiding disposability in all departments
2) Waste management and diversion with metrics tracking:  Recycling, composting, food donation
3) Strategizing reuse: 

  • planning for disassembly and donation of constructed elements vs. disposal
  • collecting salvageable creative materials, decor, and expendables for reuse 

4) Prioritizing donation:  Merchandise and other valuable items with a Fair Market Value given to local non-profits

Providing Services in Any City

We are based in Los Angeles but can provide services in any market.

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