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Zero Waste Standards for Productions and Events

Zero-Waste-logo-150x150EcoSet is an environmental production resource committed to implementing customized, practical, and sustainable solutions for commercial productions and marketing events. Since 2009 we have been achieving Zero Waste standards and leveraging the positive impact of the production process by facilitating the reuse and repurposing of discarded production materials. We have worked in more than a dozen North American cities since 2009.

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Prioritizing Reuse versus Disposal

EcoSet.ReDirect.Logo.SMEcoSet ReDirect drop-off service in Los Angeles provides an alternative to dumpsters, keeping constructed elements, custom props, and reusable materials out of landfills.

EcoSet donates these reusable materials to the local community for free. Therefore, just as many standard waste disposals have associated costs, there is a fee for our services. Request an Estimate


EcoSet’s Event Diversion Services ensure that wherever the marketing or engagement project takes place, our clients are protected from improper disposals. Our donation and reuse strategies keep branded and custom creative assets out of the local waste stream, and create a positive benefit in the local community. We specialize in hard to recycle items.



Our Materials Oasis in Los Angeles offers a place where non-profits, artists, theaters, schools and individuals can receive valuable materials for no cost. Over 50% of the materials we save from landfill are donated for reuse. The remaining discards are recycled or composted, striving for a diversion rate of 90% or higher.

As cities adopt Zero Waste legislation and mandate sustainable practices, EcoSet is a strategic partner and service provider to businesses that need to address their waste impacts and create a better system for their discards. Learn more about Los Angeles and New York’s Zero Waste plans.


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